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New HD Series Winegard Ch 7-69 antennas

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If you need improved uhf performance in the fringes still go with separates...
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Rick, the forum butchered your first 4 links, thanks for posting this though, couple of my locals are going back to high VHF in 09, one of these will come in handy.
HD7698P! I want that beast. I wonder how it would compare to the Channel Master CM 3671?
Are the gain figures raw gain or net gain?

Looking at the gain charts at http://www.hdtvprimer.com/ANTENNAS/comparing.html makes me wonder how well an antenna with a similar design to the 91XG would do if it were tailored for a maximum around channel 50. It looks like it might be possible to get at least another couple of dB across the 14-50 range.
I been thinking about getting one of these - post D-Day I will have 1 Hi VHF and the rest UHF DTV stations. Currently, I have a CM3021 and a CM VHF only antenna and join them right before my distribution system. Unfortunately for now - I also have a few Lo VHF stations that I want to get until they go off the air, and I need to get an FM external antenna as well.
Rick, I would not trust any of the specs posted on solidsignal for these

HD-769X antennas as they are a direct copy&paste from the HD-708X line;


07.6 09.5 09.2 11.0 11.7 11.4 11.0 10.2 7695 $108

10.0 10.9 10.2 10.0 13.0 12.2 10.8 12.2 7696 $114

10.9 12.0 10.9 10.8 14.6 12.1 11.8 10.2 7697 $133

07.6 09.5 09.2 11.0 11.7 11.4 11.0 10.2 7080 $76

10.0 10.9 10.2 10.2 13.0 12.2 10.8 12.2 7082 $94

10.9 12.0 10.9 10.8 14.6 12.1 11.8 10.2 7084 $114

Winegard's been selling these for over a year,

and still won't post new test results on them.

from what I can tell, you are paying 25% more

for the same db gain, yet lose ch2-6 reception.
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Just modify a regular VHF/UHF ant. Change the length of the low band driven elements for 170 mhz and above. Use the old ham 468 into the freq rule to find out the length. I built an FM antenna that way, that is killer.

Originally Posted by n4yqt /forum/post/13512843

Antennacraft's HBU22 antenna

I'm not exactly sure why you bothered posting at all,

since all you did was regurgitate what everyone posted.

that HBU22 is a cheap piece of crap;

4.1db gained highVHF

7.3db gained UHF

most are better off with a coat hanger.

tvropro - good point. if you know where to cut,

any antenna can be narrowed to fit in an attic,

when you no longer need low VHF ch2-ch6.
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Besides Winegard and AntennaCraft, have any other manufacturers dragged out their 7-69 variations yet? It may be worthwhile to be patient if one's needs aren't immediate.

Packeteers, regurgitation can be a good thing. Those of us in advertising love regurgitation!
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What!!! $78 for a 2-Bay antenna!!!!

Those extra long elements for Hi-VHF better be platinum coated....
Let me save you all $48;

buy this $100 shipped DH7084 ( ch 2-69 5-year old model )


trim the long rear dipoles down to 54" end to end (centered).

and poof! you have the HD7697 ( ch 7-69 this year's model )


that will fit easier in your attic, and catch less wind on your roof.

both antenna have exactly the same reception >10db gain profile.
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 http://www.solidsignal.com/prod_disp...p?PROD=HD7697P -

Winegard HD7697P , $ 119.99 + $12.95 shipping.
This is a silly question, but how do I point / orient this antenna; that is, which end do I point to the source?
narrow end points to the station. (the big V "captures" signal).
Do antennas mounted in the attic need to be grounded?
Winegard now has specs out for the monster 7698 antenna: http://www.winegarddirect.com/viewitem.asp?p=HD7698P

ch 7: 10.4

ch 9: 12.6

ch 11: 11

ch 13: 12

At $184.94, that's nuts!!!! An Antennas Direct 91XG is $80 and an Antennacraft VHF-Hi yagi is $35.

All the same, it's a nice antenna. I just wish Winegard didn't cost so much.

I'd love to take a Wade VIP-307 or a Channel Master Quantum 1110 and tune it to VHF-Hi
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The Winegard 8200 is a channel 2-69 antenna and has slightly better specs and a $169 price. I have had a 8200 for many years.

Rick R
I just put a HD7694P in our attic with a CM7777 preamp. We are located about 25mi from DC and 13mi from Baltimore. When I pointed the antenna towards Baltimore, got signal strength readings from my TV in 90's for the Baltimore stations, but could not reliably pick up the DC stations (strength wavered from 20's to 60's with frequent dropouts). I then thought, what the heck, let's point the antenna at DC. Now I can get all stations listed by TVfool.com, with DC stations running in 70's and 80's and Baltimore stations also coming in the 70's. Thanks for the tips!

For most of you, the VHF low-band channels (2-6) are being discontinued after the Feb. 2009 transition.
There will be a SMALL amount (less than 50 stations TOTAL nationwide) of DTVs on 2-6 after Analog sunset for Full Service, PLUS dont forget all the analog LPs that may rush to file for those channels once vacated by high power analog...oh yes, 2-6 will still be there....MOST areas wont have a station there...but some WILL. Digital OR LP analog
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