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Hi Guys

I just upgraded my old Onkyo (non-hdmi) receiver with a Pioneer VSX1018 (supports all hi-def formats).

My setup is as follows:

780G mobo=>HDMI to=>Pio AVR=>HDMI out to 720p Projector

LG BR/HDDVD combo drive with PDVD 7.3 OEM (with 5.1 audio patch)

I watched Transformers (HDDVD, DDPlus audio) with PowerDVD and noticed on my receiver, it displayed the standard "DD" logo
. The 5.1 speaker setup LED's on the receiver was lit and I was getting 5.1 sound.

How do I determine whether the audio (off HDMI from my HTPC) is not internally decoded? I guess my aim is to send the audio to my receiver to do the decoding. Or do I need another software that can pass hi-def audio out to my receiver?

Any ideas?


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you can't decode the audio on the PC the 780G only supports spdif over HDMI, so you get 2 channel audio or DD, DTS.

To get HDMI audio with 7.1 (or 5.1) decoded on the PC you'll need to upgrade your mobo to an 8200/8300 from nvidia or add a ATI 4x00 video card or grab an Asus Xonar HDAV 1.3.

If you want to bitstream the HD audio codecs to the reciever the only solution is the Xonar HDAV.
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