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New HDTV conumdrum

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OK, so I'm close to pulling the trigger on a whole new HT system. I'm getting Rocket speakers, and, after a slight deliberation today, a Denon 3803 reciever. Of course, the HD will be supplied by an HD TiVo.

Here's my dilemma. I hate stretch modes. I can't, for the life of me, see how someone can gripe about pan & scan, yet settle for a stretch mode. Since most of what I watch is TV (not DVD), I was going to go with the "non burn-in" technology, like DLP or LCD. The Sony Grand Wega has me lusting pretty bad after it.

But then I got to thinking. For the same price (or a litttle less) than the Sony, I could get a Pioneer Elite or Mistubishi Diamond. Better black levels, tried and true CRT technology, and I think the picture is slightly better. I will get the set calibrated. Since the amount of HD programming seems to be snowballing, and I'll watch less and less of NTSC, should I consider CRT technology? Also, since I will have a DTiVo, the TV doesn't need to have an HD tuner. And please don't tell me I'll get used to a stretch mode. I've spent enough time in showrooms to know I won't, just like some people hate pan&scan.

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I too hate stretch modes.

Today, CRT's provide the best bang for the buck. Of course they have their issues (convergence, burn in, viewing angles, size and weight, ...) But all in all, they are tried and true, they have been improved to about the extent of their capabilities, and as long as you don't mind the issues, there are many fantastic TV's to choose from.

That said, personally, I would not even consider one. For starters, I personally can not accept the issues. But also, we are at the brink of the digital TV era. As of this year (three weeks old now :) I will only consider digital TV's. Take your pick, LCD, DLP, LCoS, Plasma but not analog CRT.

My wife hated the stretch modes until she saw the new Mits "stretch plus". It looks pretty good, and the best I have seen a picture stretched. That settled it for us and we bought a 55413 since a lot of our viewing is still SD. For what I paid for the set, I can move to DLP or LCD in 3-5 years after all the kinks have been worked out and not feel badly about dumping the Mits since the investment wasn't that great.
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