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I have just started piecing my home theater together. I am getting some ridiculously good deals on my equipment, but, I have some questions about compatibility for sound quality. I could definitely use some help on this. To start off I will list what I currently have.



TV - Panasonic P60ST50 I got this for $250 bucks as a store demo unit, which is why I have it instead of the ST60.

Receiver - Onkyo HT-RC360 paid $5.00 for it, also a demo

Console - Xbox One. No deal on this one, but saying "Xbox on" turns on the console, TV and Receiver.

Current Speakers - Tannoy TFX 5.1 Home Theater in a box. Don't know if anyone is familiar with it, but, it sounds pretty good for a htib system. The speakers have a nice weight to them and aren't the super light crap speakers you find with these htib systems that attach to Blueray players. I am pretty disappointed in the Sub though. I like feeling like I am being punched in the chest by a sub and this one barely moves. I paid $150 for this new.


Opportunity is knocking:


So it looks like I will be able to get some new speakers this year. For me it seems like a good deal. I am worried about compatibility and sound quality though. This is where I need some help on whether or not I should purchase.


This week I have an opportunity to purchase  the pictured Klipsch Gallery G28 flat panel speaker for $5.00 I intend to use this as my new center, replacing the Tannoy one.


I can also get the Klipsch Gallery G12 flat panel speaker for the same price.  nor sure I even know what I would do with another single speaker though.


Later this year I am able to get 2 RF-82II and 2 RF-62II floor standing reference speakers for $200 a pair. as well as a pair of RS-42II and an RC-52II center for another $200. In other words I am able to get a full reference series 7.1 setup minus the .1 for $600. I was considering the Klipsch subs too, but, I was dissapointed in their sound quality in comparison to the Tannoy TS2.12 and TS2.10 subs. ( I can get both of these subs for $300) Not sure if it is worth getting 2 12" subs or should I get one 12 and one 10?


So, my questions are whether or not this setup will be overkill for a 13' by 20' oddly shaped room, is it worth going 7.2 or should I stick with 7.1 or 5.1? Should I even bother getting the second gallery speaker and what could I do with it? Would you, at these prices, just buy everything and then figure out how to arrange it? Will my Receiver be good enough to handle the load I am putting on it? Also, what would be the best way to get the best sound out of my current Tannoy + Gallery speaker set up? Is there a certain way I can change my receiver settings for optimal sound? Or should I just run Audacity. At the moment my speakers are all piled together on the TV stand until I can decide placement. I don't want to wall mount anything and run wire in my walls before I decide if my fronts and rears will be floorstanding. And I hate seeing wires.


Any suggestions or questions from anybody, I am open to hear.


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