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I am in the process of building a new home and before the framing is complete, I am looking for direction as to how to wire the home for A/V needs. I am hoping for confirmation that I am looking in the right direction regarding a modern home wiring system.


Looking at a russound CAA66 system to provide whole house audio. Looking at a kit that would provide six controllers (KPL). CAT5 wiring to each KPL controller.


I currently have Directv and want to know the best, most discrete implementation of this sytem in a new home. I am currently leaning toward an equipment closet that would house all the equipment (receivers) in the basement with the use of RF controllers to control them throughout the house. To get the video to each room, I am leaning toward a CAT6 system and CAT/HDMI converters at each end to convert to high definition signal at the wall used for each tv. Some rooms will probably have 4 CAT6 wires to allow for expansion or possible other video sources, such as DVD (Bluray).

Is this the best/more current way to deliver video throughout the house without seeing wires and implementing wall mounted tvs?

I want something that is flexible, capable of upgrades as technology evolves, and will be viable for many years. Since it is quite easy to wire at this point, I want to make sure I have the "bases covered" before the walls are sheetrocked and everything becomes much more difficult to change. I figure the CAT6 will be fairly future proof and if a new connector evolves in the future (the replacement for HDMI); simply a new converter can be purchased with the CAT6 infrastructure still being viable.

Thanks for any input.
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