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My new home is being built right now and the builder is going to start framing in couple of weeks. I wanted to pre-wire for 6.1 channel home theatre in my family room so that there won’t be any loose cables around...

I was planning to get 42" plasma and most probably Bose Lifestyle 48 (for expanding further to other rooms later).

Home builder wont allow to lay the Bose speaker wires right now since they say that I don’t own the home until closing date, so I cant put any of my own wires in there.

I would appreciate if you could help in the following,

- What kinds of cables need to be pre-wired for Bose Lifestyle 48? Builder is asking $138 for each cable junction (138x6= $828 for 6.1 channel).

- Is it worth to pay $828 for this?

- Is it advisable to do the pre-wiring right now or can I do it after the closing date? How hard is it?

- What other things I need to take care right now?

- What is nice to have or better to do it before they complete dry wall?

Greatly appreciated.

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