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We're under contract on a new home. The living room is 14' wide by 22' deep by 12' high. Due to openings to other rooms, windows, etc. the only wall near which the front speakers can go looks like this, as decorated by the current owners:

The wall is, as stated, ~14' wide. The exposed brick section of the fireplace is 73" wide and 54.5" high, and centered on the wall. The actual fireplace cutout is 29" high and 33" wide. Unfortunately, I forgot to measure the depth of the brickwork during the home inspection. The current wooden mantel has two electrical outlets on its top surface. The fireplace is a gas log one, and honestly I'll be shocked if it gets used much. However, the fireplace an attractive feature and we'd rather not conceal it with a TV cabinet. Also, I'd like to avoid the sonic compromise in my current setup that has the concentric MF/HF driver in the center channel higher than the mains. This placement leads to disconcerting image distortion on multichannel music recordings. Our ears - and Andrew Jones' fantastic concentric drivers - deserve better.

One thought I had was to scrap the current wood cap over the bricks and get one built that integrates the center channel and extends a little bit farther down the brick. The speaker used for said center channel would be a Pioneer EX S-IW691L . See here for some measurements of the concentric unit in these speakers. (The bass drivers are different.) The speaker would be mounted such that the axial response, and thus axial treble hole, would be above the seated listening position, and below a standing listening position: about 47" off the ground, or the same as my left and right mains.

To be clear, the following conditions apply:

1) I do not care about the height of the TV. Having the concentric MF/HF drivers of my three front speakers at the same height is the priority, and the TV plays second fiddle to the music system.

2) The mantel would only hold the center channel. The left and right channels will be in free-standing cabinets, placed appropriately. Left and right speakers will be the same ones shown in my "loft multichannel music system" shown below: Pioneer S-IW69lL in-walls fitted to cabinets. As shown in the link below, the left and right speakers will sit over closed-box flanking sub/stands, each with a side-firing 12" Aurasound woofer, that are part of a Geddes-style multisub system.

3) My wife is already on board, because the current wooden cap mantel is a little dowdy-looking and she'd prefer to replace it with something more modern-looking anyway.

Is there a practical or audio-related reason (again, forget about video) I'm perhaps not thinking about that makes this idea a bad one?
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