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This is a rather long rambling post with numerous questions on a new media for a new home.

Media Room will have double dry wall and cellulose insulation in the walls and ceiling to help with sound proofing.

Any recommendation on additional sound proofing techniques I can tell the builder to do?

How do you stop the bass from traveling into HVAC ducts and into rest of the house?

Attached floor plan and equipment proposal from one local vendor.
Looking for input on the pricing below.
The screen seems too small considering the size of the room?
Is the first row to close or ok if we use 4k projector?
Any alternative recommendation for equipment would be helpful.

What do you guys think about the pricing below? Seems high?
I plan to get additional bids but need some guidance on direction .
Need more power? Larger screen?

Equipment $34,685.29
Labor: $2,731.64
Tax $2,081.12
Total; $39,498.05

Install Sony 7.2 Home Theater Receiver/Amplifiere
Install Sony Bluray player
Install Sony Theater Projector
Stewart Filmscreen 100" Diagonal screen
URC custom programmed remote control system to operate all equipment by means of client
furnished iPad or URC handheld remote control
7 Sonance Theater Quality speakers
Velodyne subwoofe


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There is much that can be done for sound isolation, but doing it properly involves a non-trivial investment of time and money. A good place to start is the soundproofing thread that is stickeyed to the top of this forum. Double doors would be one of the first things to go.

I'm editing this since I realize that you have two different screen sizes listed. The scope of work shows 143" diagonal, your post says 100". 100" diagonal is roughly only about 7-1/1 x 3-1/2 depending on the aspect ratio (16x9 or 2.35:1). That's really small for a room that is 18-1/2' wide.

Your seating is really close to the screen. Someone sitting in the middle of the front row would have a rather small sized image. Someone sitting on either side of the front row would be sitting to the left or the right of the screen edges! Certainly far less than ideal. The screen will be really on the small side for the people in the middle row, even smaller for those sitting at the bar.

If you are planning on a 143" diagonal screen, a lot will depend on the aspect ratio and your ceiling height. If you are using 16x9 and have a relatively low ceiling, that's probably as large as you can get, if not too large to fit comfortably. If you have a are going with 2.35:1 screen and you have high ceilings, you might be able to bump it up a bit.

You may want to consider only two rows of seating, with the first row in the general area of the second row in the floorplan. If you need to fit in more people for special occasions, like football parties or kid's parties, use folding chairs, beanbags, etc.

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fire that theater designer, first row too close, 100 inch screen too small for a three row theater. They appear to be all about selling you gear that has a high margin.
sound insulation is an oxymoron intended to sucker the unenlightened to part with their money.
A room this size will need more than one subwoofer to achieve uniform bass response.

other than that, I like the projector, welcome.

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Thanks for the input.

Ceiling height is 9' 8"
The front of the room two hvac ducts running across it that bring the front about 8' 6". Width of hvac duct lines will be about 3 feet.

How large of a screen can I get? I tried the online projector calculations but had a hard time following them.

If I max out the screen size, will the 2nd row be to close?

Any recommendations on good designers/ installers in the Washington, DC market?
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