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Hi all,

I have another thread up now for suggestions on a 3.1 setup with more details on budget and what I currently own.


I'm about to give up after researching the past few hours...

Here is the setup in my current home:


Moving to a home with this layout:

Wife would prefer to not mount above fireplace. I was considering one of those mounts that you can drop down...I never anticipate using the fireplace.

If that's out, then I have to choose between one of the two side walls. On the right, it will be in front of the window. On the left, it will be on a blank wall, but with a window behind the couch (which I can put up a blackout blind and a curtain), but there is also a large sun room with 12 floor to ceiling windows, so...

Currently have a 55" B6 OLED...Considering a 65" Vizio Quantum as well, but not sure if I will change the setup.

Hurdles I've run into:

-if in front of window, I can't mount the TV. So, then I have to have speaker stands for the L/R, and the center could go under the TV in my stand pictured above...But, then there is no room for the AV receiver under the TV, the only cubby it can actually fit in. It is too large for the left and right cabinet doors.
-if I put it on the opposite wall with no window, I could wall mount, have the stand below, put speakers wherever, etc. But, then there will probably be massive glare issues during the day (but I personally don't watch during the day, and the wife and kids wouldn't care.
-The left non window wall has a garage on the other side, so I could probably get into that wall and run things if needed.


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Two possible options not yet named, place the system in either corner, beside the fireplace, at a ~45 degree angle to the room. Don't know if you have enough room to pull that off, with speaker stands to the side of the cabinet? If not, you could place speakers at the outside edges of the cabinet itself. If raising the TV is required to accommodate a center channel speaker, then use something like this:


In either of the cases you describe, you will have to have a serious shade of some sort to block most of the light coming from the window.
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