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Looking for input and inspiration. We built our first home theater in our current house - a basement room which is a dedicated theater only. In our new house I plan to build a combination room over the garage. It will actually be on the main level of the house, attached via a breezeway, as the garage is low on the property.

I have chosen to do a mixed room/area as I have so much space to work with, and because I found it hard to host events involving use of the HT in our current house because of it's single purpose. I like to invite a group of 5-8 guys for sports/poker/movies/video games so I want it to be flexible. However, I still want it to look and sound great.

The space available is pretty big - 30' by 24'. I can make the ceilings any height but thinking nine feet. Although I had originally thought I`d have all one room, and have the screen on one of the 24`walls, I`ve since changed my mind as that seems just too wide and also difficult to create an effective games and bar space that I want. I think I`ll semi divide the room as per the diagram below and make the theater area about 17`wide. (I want two rows of four seats, is that wide enough?). I can divide any way I want - it`s all new construction and not starting for a few months. I`m picturing a partial wall to keep light off the screen as well as divide the space. The other half of the space will house a bar with flat panel TV, dart board, poker table, popcorn maker and hopefully an old-fashioned video game console.

Soundproofing is important but I don;t have to go crazy as we`re wll separeted from neighbours, also away from main house a bit. In my current room I did double drywall and green glue - is this still a good route to go? I need to have two windows on the front-facing side of the building only for apperance.

So I`m looking for feedback... My questions are:

Is this the best use of the space?

Can I make all this fit without it seeming cramped?

Do you have or have you seen a similar room and if so are there pictures posted that I could look at?

Anyone care to comment on video and sound performance in a room like this as opposed to a dedicated theater-only room?

Thanks! Can`t wait to get started!

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