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New Home Theater in St. Louis

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Hi everyone. I am having a contractor finish my basement and is building a home theater. They said I can use my own AV company for the actual install of components and wiring etc. Can anyone recommend a good company in St. Louis for this? Total project budget is around $100,000. Thanks.
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WOW! :eek: Wish I had that kind of budget!

Here are a few suggestions:

The Sound Room
Music for Pleasure
Hi Fi Fo Fum

Some of us in the area can also make some great suggestions for systems that don't work for dealers and don't mind demoing our higher end systems ;)

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best sound also
Are you planning to have one of the stores do the theater design?
I have a contractor to finish the basement but need a company to help with the deisgn and install of the theater. The budget is for the entire basement project including home theater.
I would suggest contacting Dennis Erskine at Design Cinema Privee as an alternative.

Dennis has numerous references and can act as the GC if you desire.

Hi , Please Recommend A Good Contractor To Built Home Entertainment Cabinet . I Am In Los Angeles Area. Thanks
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