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Well, finally got moved into the new house, however once again the joy of problems in speaker positioning rears its ugly head...

Hopefully I have successfully attached a floor layout of my living room. It is apprx. 15' wide x 12' long x 8' high. My previous living room was easy to set up, but due to the nature of a sectional couch that no longer "matches" the room, we had to split it into two separate pieces on opposite walls (see picture), until I have the funding to replace the couch with one more suited to the new living room.

The door that is currently covered up leads to nowhere. The large entryway on the left of the living room leads to the dining room. The right doorway leads to a small hallway.

Speaker mounts or stands for the back surrounds? Stands or sat on the entertainment center for the front left and right. (MY seat is the one in front of the television).

Any suggestions would be appreciated!!


**PS... the new house doesn't have internet service (YET) so if I don't reply as timely as expected, I apologize in advance.

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First, let's clarify our terminology!

You mentioned Back Surrounds (as in 7.1) although you probably meant Side Surrounds (as in 5.1). You really do not have the room to properly mount Back Surround speakers for a 7.1 setup as the couch is really too close to the back wall for proper Back Surrounds to be effective.

So, to mount your Side Surrounds it appears (unless I am not seeing something) that you do have some wall space to the right of the couch as if you were sitting on it to mount the Right Side Surround speaker. Just mount the speakers directly on the walls 2 to 3 feet above ear level if you can, no brackets should be required.

It also appears that you can mount the Left Side Surround Speaker to the left of the couch on the wall above your other sectional piece.

Place the Front Left and Right Main speakers on stands (unless they are floorstanders) on either side of your display and the sub in the front left corner vicinity. The Center Channel would ideally be placed above the display and you can mount a shelf directly on top of your display and angle down towards your listening position. Second preffered Center Channel mounting location would be below the display if you had the room.

What is that square area colored the same as the couch at the left side of the couch? Is that part of the couch?
If that can be removed you could shift the couch over so the middle of the couch lines up with your display so that the couch seat next to the wall could also enjoy better sound AND visual symmetry and the center of your couch would now be your sweet spot!

Unless I am not seeing something correctly you should have no serious problems and everything should work out nice sonically and aesthetically!


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Like Glenn said, I don't see problems with speaker placement in your room.

You already know to put the centre speaker where the TV is and spread the L/R speakers symmetrically apart, to get a nice wide soundstage.

I would put the surrounds in the back corners of the room, at least a couple of feet above ear height or even in the back tri-corners (where the back corner meets the ceiling). The multiple reflective surfaces will help give some diffusion and envelopment; the wide spread will maintain stereo separation in the surround field.

Should sound good; even better if you're willing to put up some wall treatments down the road.
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