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I'm building s new house and looking to replace my old b&w solids and energy take sats that I am currently using for the rear speakers in my 7.1 system. Using a Yamaha RVX reciever, energy rc70 for L&R, and energy LCR for center. Will also be purchasing a subwoofer from the venerable Mark Seaton, haven't decided on what one though.

Anyways, for a budget around $900 for all four speakers.
I need a speaker that can be mounted on the ceiling due to floor plan and side wall/door locations. They will be used for 95% movies and I'm kind of old school so the bigger the better on the woofer front. I've been looking at the energy rc-10 but thinking since klipsch took them over, they aren't what they used to be and would be to heavy for a ceiling mount. But I've also been looking at the offerings from SVS witch seems to be the new hotness these days. I've been looking at the prime bookshelf speakers if they can be mounted on the ceiling, I have no problem turning them sideways, or the prime satellites if there really is no better option for the money.

the one thing I don't know is how they will pair with the pre klipsch energy that I have, or if I'd even notice.
Give me some options peeps!!!!
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