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Howday all;

So the wife and I are building a new house at the end of the year and were just going through now trying to get a rough price on everything so we can budget. So we have had a small house for quite some time now and we have ALWAYS wanted a theatre room but sadly have never had the space.

We are going to start brand new with this room (3.7 wide (tv wall), 4.8 long) so what we are looking for to start with is;
A projector/TV HIGH DEFINITION or possibly 3d
7.2 surround sound stereo
I have XBMC installed on a boxee box that we are currently using and LOVE how it works.

I have never had a projector before but I have been told they are the way of the future... and I have also been told that you need a screen for these to be proper high definition... what does everyone think TV/Projector

7.2 surround sound stereo:
I am just wondering if I should buy a box set or build my own, I would prefer smaller speakers mounted up on the walls out of the way as it will make the room look bigger than it is... also is there a guide on where to mount them to get the best surround sound?

As we use XBMC we don't need a DVD player, all I need is radio

I don't have a solid budget in mind for this probably around $5,000.. But am really looking for the best value for money really

My only preference here is that I have been buying Panasonic TV's my entire life and every one of them still works and have never had problems with any of them... I would like to stick with Panasonic but if you guys reckon that's a bad Idea I could change.

Thanks in advance for any help/advice I appreciate the help
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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