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New HR10-250 won't dial out

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Hi folks. This weekend I decided to buy an HR10-250, the HD Tivo DVR, to replace the HD box I got from DirecTV. I hooked it up, went through the setup, and called DirecTV to pair the old card (from the original box) with the new HR10-250. All went OK and I get pretty good picture quality.

As part of the setup, the HR10-250 wants to call home before I can use any of the Tivo recording features. They call this the Final Steps of the setup and a screen describing the process appears whenever I try to record a program of even use the simple Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down feature.

I've seen this before with my other non-DirecTV Tivos. First, Tivo asks for my home area code and then it goes through a process of Preparing to Call, Calling, Downloading, and Hanging Up.

I used my home area code of 702 and Tivo went through all four steps. After hanging up it says Preparing Data for about 30 seconds and then flickers a bit before rebooting. As a test I tried a couple other area codes near me and far away. Same result. The old way I could get beyond the reboot was to use 800 or some other invalid area code, like 000. In that case, Tivo didn't reboot but went through all the steps of the cycle finishing with a message that no numbers could be found for that area code and to try again.

So. bottom line, I can't get past this and therefore can't use the record functionality.

Has anyone seen anything like this before? Thanks so much for any thoughts you might offer.

-- Robert
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No, that sounds like a hardware fault of some sort. Either there is a problem with the program stored on disk, or there is a problem with the area that the program is trying to write the downloaded data to.

One thing you might try is the InstantCake automated method of reinstalling the D* TiVo OS (Linux when you get right down to it). Google InstantCake for details.
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