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Hey gang. need some help. Finally getting around to building out my HT in our new home built two years ago. attached is the current "shell" layout.

current unfinished dimensions are 18 ft. long, 14 ft. wide and 10ft high.

Here is what I am planning to do.

1. room in a room construction with three layer DD and GG with 1/2 inch DD (already have 1/2 inch DD in the house left over from construction)

2. currently have two door entrance but will be eliminating this.

First question...........where should a single sound door go? and what size?

would like to do a 36 in wide door... is this big enough for most HT chairs?

could go to 42 inches if needed.

3. existing floor is 3/4 plywood over 16 inch OC TJI's, and then 3/4 inch particle board. would be willing to tear up the particle board.... but what acoutical underlayment would you recommend? Acoustic mat? nothing?

it would have to be thin as I don't want to run into a problem with the door threshold.

4. had a sound engineer come out, did some measurements and told me that bass is going to be my biggest problem. He recommends putting in a lam beam under the floor in the crawl space, perpendicular to the floor TJI's to help stiffen the floor. thoughts?

5. will be running both return and supply HVAC... assume I will need to run this in soffits on the ceiling.

6. ceiling height? any thoughts?

any input would be fab.


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Hi and welcome.

2 - 36" door would be fine. All of the berkline chairs come in two section and will easily slide through that door. As an aside, how wide is the door that leads from other parts of the house to the theater area. Putting in a 42" door if your other doors are 36" won't alleviate the choke point.

3/4 - decoupling a floor will be tough, and it will likely be a weak point in the construction from a sound isolation perspective. Mass helps, but I completely don't understand why you need to stiffen the floor with a beam.

5. Yep. And plan on doing your research so that you don't create a massive hole in your sound proofing (use flex duct and add some turns).

6. Not sure what your question is. 10' ceilings are great.

Good luck.

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With the backs off on a Berkline chair and with the base turned on the side you can actually get the base through a pretty small door since it is H shaped and you can swing it into the room by driving the door jamb into the saddle of the H and swinging the other side through.

As far as door placement the easiest location is between the front of the first row and the front of the stage/screen.
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