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New HT system, comments please!

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Small Room (15'x15').

70/30 Movie/Music.

Wall mountable/small speakers.

7.1 system.

This is what I came up with:




M&K Sound

4xK5's (fronts and rears)

2xK4's (mids)

1xK7 (center)


SVS 25-31PCi

DVD Player:

Denon DVD-2900

New to HT, but have lurked through this forum for the past couple of months.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!!!
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You can get others, right? You are not stuck with these, right?

If so, you may want to hear a NAD or onkyo 800 or above. These got better ratings in www.hifichoice.co.uk

I am happier with my purchases after researching what the pros say.

For speakers, I would consider companies selling direct to you - they can offer more quality for the buck. Companies like axiomaudio and ascendacoustics. You can order them on the web, and if not to your liking, return them.

They both have web sights.
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I have not purchased anything, yet.
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