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Just wanted to show my build (finished yesterday) some parts of this build were salvaged from my existing htpc. Hopefully this gives some people some ideas or inspiration.

The Case: Antec NSK2480

The case came with a silver plate because as it turns out the black one is a pain to track down. Nothing a little spray paint couldn't fix. case came with power supply 380w green. might look like in the picture you see some silver still but that is just the camera light

Micro ATX Motherboard ASUS m4a785TD-m evo

phenom II x4 955 3.2 ghz (stock cooler, tested load temps reach 35c)

g-skill ripjaws 1600 mhz ram 4 gb. 2x2gb

antec veris elite multimedia control center w/ remote.

ocz vertex 64gb ssd. (boot/ app drive)


500gb hd - had a lot of movies and music on there so just popped it in.

his sapphire 4670 1 gb ddr3 (no fans) huge heatsink though, and it is going to be a problem when i get the ceton tuner because the heatsink covers the pcie x4 slot.

fusionhdtv7 rt gold tv tuner... Still working on getting this one working in wmc, have a blue screen, must be some kind of codec issue or something...

dvdrw drive lite-on - getting a blueray soon.

planning on try xbmc as my main front end...
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