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Just finished my basement, and while the 20 CFL's seemed like a great idea at the time, my new Home Theater system isn't working. All my components are locked away, and my the CFL's are making my IR Receiver blink like crazy. When the lights are off, the receiver is fine (not blinking).

I have been searching through the forums for some creative ideas. I know I can go buy a CFL friendly Receiver, but the one's I see are $100 and I am trying to find a cheaper alternative, if workable, since I just spent a fortune to finish the basement. There have been some creative ideas posted through the forums (like cover with blue painters tape and use a sharpie to make it black) but that didn't work for me. Another poster said to cut up a floppy disk to cover, but I am hoping for something that looks a little nicer.

If any of you have new and creative tips to help, I would appreciate it. Thanks.
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