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Hey all,

I am starting on a new intro animation for my HT and am looking for some audio to work with. I am looking to do something similar to the one from Bitstream Animation, but something more my style. The Blender file is nice but not what I want either. I need to find some test tones to work with for 5.1 audio and I am not sure where I can find some. Something like the 5 Close Encounters tones would be great. If anyone knows where I can find some (free preferably) I would appreciate the information.

I want my animation to be about 1 minute long. The test tones will be for the speakers obviously and I will overlay the tones with some background audio I will rip from something with a somewhat moody soundtrack. I will build the animation off of the audio so I know how many frames I will need.

If anyone knows where I can find the audio I would appreciate it.

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