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New Lamp HT1000 Calibration Results

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I installed a new "K" lamp in my HT1000 this week. I had changed to normal with the old lamp for several months but at1500 hours the brightness was down to 9.5 FtL using the normal setting on my 80" Da Lite screen.

The new "K" lamp is results are different from the previous lamp at 1500 hours.

Here are the results for my calibration.

Please note that these results are with my system on my screen in my dark room with light yellow walls and a white ceiling. I did not super tweak since the lamp wil lbe changing a lot in the next 100 hours. The results below did get to 6500 degrees +/- 50 degrees or so with DVI and RGB.

New “K†lamp settings- Fl-D Hoya Color Filter

80 inch diagonal Wide Power (~ 2.2) Da Lite Screen

1 Hour on Lamp Iris Closed Eco mode 11.5 FtL CR =~1500 Calibrated

I have edited the gain M and Y levels after the iniital post based on AVIA and Video essentials DVD viewing using TT 2.0. I have not yet really tweaked the secondaries.

Color Correction

R=-7 Y=0

G=-6 M=-4

B=-7 Cy=-9

Gain = 0


BR=-12 CR=110

BG=-12 CG=131

BB=-14 CB=130


BR=-16 CR=99

BG=17 CG=124

BB=18 CB=128


BR= -18 CR= 114

BG=-19 GR=139

BB=-20 CB=145
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1500.1 CR? does the new bulb look noticeably brighter than the day 1 bulb?
Yes it is a lot brighter.

I had been getting about 1000:1 or so after calibration with the other bulb in my room.

If I go to normal and open the lens up it is almost too bright to look at on my screen.

I probably could get more CD out of it after I tune it more.

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What Da-Lite screen are you using?


The screnn is an 80 inch diagonal puill up insta theater.

Thanks Joel....and for the e-mail.

I checked my bulb hours for the first time last night in some time....1640 hours. Time for a new one real soon.


What screen material with what gain is it? This does make a difference on the settings, does it not? My screen is a High Power with 2.8 gain.

It is called "wide power" that Da lite uses with its insta theater line.

Gain abour ~ 2.2-2.4 I believe. I do not know what the fabric or the coating on it.

Thanks for your numbers Jim. I will try them.

Partially on your recommendation I also have the Da-lite deluxe insta-theater 80" screen in my living room and I also have the new bulb and have noticed the brightness difference.

I had read that the difference was subtle between the original bulb and the new one, but I find it to be significant. I notice the difference so much that I have kind of become a brightness junkie! The new bulb makes me want to run the projector in the full mode rather than eco because, particularly with high def material, the brightness is incredible. My old bulb was nearly dead but I had sent my projector in for repairs and in changing the board, NEC lost my bulb life settings. I love the new bulb.
Notice the difference in the red intensity in those 2 jpg files. Do you know if the projector was calibrated for each bulb or if this is the off the shelf settings that are the same for each bulb.

The settings at hour 1 that I got for the new lamp needed to tone down the red a lot (with the Hoya FL-D filter in) compared to waht I had with the 1500 old lamp ( with the Hoya filter in).

They set each PJ up identical, basic calibration. Didn't get into colorfacts cals.

The new bulb looks over 20% brighter.

I agree the new bulb is at least 20% brighter.

Do you have the specs for how long the "K" lamp should last.

It would be possible to tell the NEC that there was a new lamp at 1500 hours for example if the new lamp supposed to last 3000 hours instead of 2000 and then run it for another 1500 hours before changing.

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2000 to 3000hrs, looks like you can transfer over the specs from the units using the 220w NSH 260k bulb.

Also 1100ansi

880ansi in econo.
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