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New Laptops from Dell

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My dell rep just sent me a new laptop to look at for my product development guys. It is a precission M50, looks pretty sweet. P4 1.4, 512Mg of RAM, 60Gb HDD, and a 64Mb Nvidia Card. The LCD is a native 1600 x 1200 15in and it plays DVD's nicely. Combine this with a good light digital projector and you have a HTPC to take on vacation. The only drawback is it is 4700 dollars. And the fact that it weighs 8.12 pounds.
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I'd rather define it as a laptop with a projector. Can't really see any HTPC-distinguishing things about it.

True, it's a nice laptop, but I don't see what's special about it. I'd much rather have the IBM T30, which has a Mobility Radeon instead.
The Inspiron line has all the same hardware and SPDIF sound. That Precision line is a kind of lame "workstation on the road" thing.
Didn't know it had SPDIF :eek:

But if that could be added by a PCMCIA sound card to the T30 I'd prefer that 100 times over the Dell. There's way more feel of quality over the Dell than the IBM.

We have a Latitude C800 sitting idle at work and noone wants to use it as it's big, bulky, ugly and unfortable, and has a bad touch as well.

All in all, I'd not recommend buying a Dell laptop.:(
I just got a Fujitsu LifeBook P-2046:

* 10.6"(w) x 7"(d) x 1.59"(h) 3.4 lbs

* Has a DVD plus CD-R/RW drive (in the main unit - not external like on other notebooks this small)

* Comes with WinDVD 3.0 (probably 4.0 soon)

* Has optical digital audio out S/PDIF (TOSLink), works with the included WinDVD out of the box (just checked). Sigma Tel AC 9757T audio chipset supported by PowerDVD also for optical digital surround bitstream output

* 1280 x 768 15:9 aspect screen provides excellent movie viewability while conserving size / weight / battery power

* S-Video output (ATI graphics)

* Has FireWire, wireless LAN, Ethernet, modem all built in (no PC cards needed)

* Has a PC Card slot

All that for $1800

I have nothing to do with Fujitsu other than being a pretty happy customer (it's only been a few days). I think the Fujitsu P-2046 is a pretty good "HTPC away from home" !

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