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Years ago I went ahead and bought a westinghouse 37" TV for primary display and recently it's been starting to give in a little bit. I've been considering buying a new TV/Monitor for a while now and I think it's time to go ahead and do it.

As someone who does research before buying I've been trying to get an idea about the best one to purchase and I'm having some trouble.

Originally I had thought about using the LG 42LH90 but I was told LG has a pretty bad track record and the TV probably isn't the best for a primary PC display. I figured it'd be possible, and I thought maybe looking elsewhere was the better plan. I looked to the Samsung LN40B750 and read pretty good things... except 2 glaring issues. The blacks were somewhat blue-y, and there was a very glossy screen on it. I was concerned. I hate glossy screens for the most part and the bluey blacks, is a big turn off.

I've even considered the Plasma Panasonic TC-P42G10 as an alternative. I've heard things about how Plasma has gone leaps and bounds in terms of picture quality. I've heard issues about the burn in on older models, but nothing of this TV. I've even heard its a great PC monitor, but being plasma I have my reservations.

So, in essence, what I'm looking for is a HDTV that can function as a primary PC display that is used for mostly PC gaming on a very high end PC, as well as for a PS3 and HD Cable box. I turn to you avsforum in hopes of helping me on my journey!
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