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Has anyone seen the Freedom Mini Keyboard product from Freedom Input Ltd.?


It's tiny (really made for Bluetooth cell phones), but apparently works with the Mac mini, though it is not officially supported by the manufacturer! Some oddball guy created a Web site about installing a mac mini in a car, and mentioned this keyboard here:


Since the Freedom Mini Keyboard appears to have some sort of trackpad, I immediately wondered about using it on the sofa with a Mac home theater setup. Balancing a traditional-style, Apple wireless keyboard (the aircraft carrier) on your knees and using a wireless mouse on the sofa arm works, but it's a solution that hardly could be thought of as elegant.

Also, I'd be willing to bet that the iPhone or the rumored new, full screen iPods with multi-point interface eventually will be able to be used as remote controls, especially if they have WiFi and/or Bluetooth. Of course, the iPhone will have both, but what about new iPods, which could be announced as early as the 2007 Super Bowl, or late as this fall?
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