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So I hooked up my new mac mini via hdmi to my Integra DTR50.1 receiver yesterday and all I am getting is a "no signal" message at the TV.

A little background and troubleshooting history.

TV - Samsung LNT4061

PS3 and Cable box input to receiver and out to tv without issue over Zuum Media Balun over Cat6 to TV.

Connected mac mini direct to tv via hdmi and it worked perfectly immediately at 1080p

Connected mac mini direct tv via balun over cat6 and got it to work beautifully on 720p and 1080i, but flickers and cuts out at 1080p from mac mini (maybe a bandwidth issue over the cat6?)

I tried changing the output settings on the receiver from "through," to auto, to 720p, 1080i etc and no matter what setting i choose if I check the display at the receiver it says 1080p/60-->1080p/60.

So it seems to be a resolution issue, but not sure what else to change on the integra.
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