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New Marantz OPSODIS ES7001 looks to directly compete with Yamaha's YSP line, with the added advantage of a nice assortment of input jacks (2 x HDMI 1.1, and 3xOptical).

From Engadget:

Marantz returns with more of their wall bouncing, OPSODIS (OPtimal SOurce DIStribution) Technology packed into the ES7001. As a followup to their ES-150, Marantz's sound bar aims to compete directly with Yamaha's YSP series of sound projectors. As such, they've pulled all the drivers, amps, and woofers into a single long housing with the ability to redirect the "sweet spot" depending upon the listener's location. It's also swollen with jacks including 2x HDMI (Ver.1.1) and 3x digital optical inputs. The space saving kit will set you back a cool ¥124,000 (about $1,020) when it ships in June. An optional ¥24,000 ($197) 50W subwoofer and ¥50,000 ($411) AV rack are available to round out the look and feel. Pics of the latter after the break.
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