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i have been looking for a while now for some good media browser icons, i can't seem to find any that i like so i made some myself.

I needed something that looked good with the new 2.1.1 interface, was simple and had some punch.

I made a new startup icon for MCE, as well as library icons. I based them off the apple tv logo that i really like. but used a different background color and obviously a different logo.

the samples posted have a black and media browser blue background the real ones have a transparent background, i just used the color so you could get an what it will look like on top of the default color backgrounds.

let me know what you think or how i could improve. i will take requests, and once i get some i will create and online spot so everyone can grab them.

currently i have just what i needed:


tv shows



kids videos


Here is the folder:


startup icon 1 (black backdrop)

startup icon 1 (blue backdrop)

library icon 1 (transparent backdrop)

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Originally Posted by Derek K. /forum/post/16942196

very nice.

have you seen this thread?


yes, i used to use them back in the old versions of MB, he did a very nice job with those.

but the latest version with the new main screen interface those icons are a little much, i wanted something that had more of an updated feel to it.

i made some new icons similar to xzeners but using a cleanly 3d rendered movie board, but I tired of that quickly.

its hard to find a pictures that represents movies, tv, kids movies and trailers without making things get clumsy, so i tried to keep it simple with just text and a background...

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i need a better way to share these, dropbox doesnt seem to wok that well...any ideas...?
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