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New Media Room with UST and need help with the Center channel and placement.

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I've started the media purchasing for a new media room area in our basement. The blueprint is the layout of the room, an L shaped area, and the UST and 120 inch screen will be on the right hand side.

We are looking at some options for a custom cabinet to hold the UST and the front speakers. The picture below is a general idea of what we are looking at doing.


The UST is an Epson LS500, AVR is a Pioneer Elite LX504 (9 channel with Atmos). I am going the bookshelf speaker route with a pair of JBL 530s. I am very close to pulling the trigger on an SVS sub but haven't yet. The surrounds need to be in ceiling, one half of the room has floor to ceiling windows and the other side has a staircase that ends about 3 feet in front of the primary seating location. I do not have a center speaker picked out yet. I'm looking at about 3 to 4k for the Center, Sub and 2 pairs of in ceiling speakers.

I get this will be a mix match setup, but what I'm debating is below.

SVS SB 3000 - like the small size and should be able to easily place it in a cabinet. I also don't want it ported to reduce vibrations. Open to alternatives - $1000

In Ceiling I've been looking at the RSL C34Es but open to suggestion here. 4 speakers, $125 each.

Center channel is where I'm pretty stumped. The cabinet that I posted a picture of isn't what I have, but a concept I'm considering. It will be custom built to house the UST and have the designs and measurements to get the LS500 to 120 inches and have the cabinet hold the PJ out of site. This makes for a low placement of the center. It also potentially restricts the size. Should be able to have a very deep center, but it will be pointed at the feet of the listener. Looking at a Paradigm 600C but really want a front ported or non-ported speaker (again to reduce vibrations in the cabinet) that is three way with 6 inch speakers to make up for the lack of towers a little. Completely open here, would like to stay around $1000 but if I find other options for the sub and in ceiling speakers I could go higher.
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I am currently building a new house, and in a very similar dilemma. I am considering putting the ust projector in a custom cabinet also. For the center channel, I am planning on partially building it into the wall, just below the screen. Probably have the front of the center channel flush with the front of the alr screen. The projector has to be around a foot below the screen, so there is room between the screen and projector. I would appreciate input from the smart folks here.
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