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Hi.I just signed up to this board so I will start by posting my gear.

Denon 1801 receiver

Adcom GFA 555 Amplifiers 200 watts x2(2 of them)

Adcom GCD 600 Cd player

Toshiba SD 1600 DVD player

Toshiba 36 inch HD ready TV

JBL Studio 38 mains

JBL Studio Center

JBL N 26 Rears

Polk Audio PSW 350 Sub

I hope to someday add Adcom Pre amp or a Denon 2803 and another Adcom Power amp For a 6 channel set up. I might use a Denon 2802. It all depends on the cash flow.

I would also like 2 more pairs of JBL studio 38`s for a complete set of the same speaker all around.I would also like to get a Paradigm PW 2200 sub.

Some day.:D
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