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Hello there. I'm looking for advice on a mobile subwoofer/speaker setup. I want a decent amount of bass, but not ear splitting. I'm doing this for a cosplay for a convention in October, so I have a bit of time to plan and create this.

I have done a sub setup in my car, and it's run pretty reliable so far. Two 10 inch Pheonix Golds in a 2-inch ported enclosure. The amp is a simple but effective, Pioneer GM-A5602. It probably isn't the most compatible system ever, but it gets me down the road quite loudly, and it's smooth as far as I can tell. Which probably isn't very smooth, considering I'd only put in about a days worth of research into sub setups before slapping in a set. I'd like to go louder in the car, but that's for another day.

I'm looking to build a shoulder mounted bass cannon. (God that sounds so cheesy.) But it'd essentially be two sealed torpedoes, shoulder mounted, with subs on the front, and speakers on the back, or other locations. I'd have a backpack as well, for the power supply and amp(s). The goal weight is to have it be 50 pounds or less. 40 pounds would be ideal.

The power supply would need to be deep cycled, as it would be hauled around con for the majority of it's use, and recharged overnight. I looked at 'lightweight deep cycle 12v power supply' on Google, and couldn't make much sense of it. I also wondered if the power supply would 'dim,' (as it sometimes does in a car) and cause the amp to cut out as current is pulled from the power supply.

I already know what subs I want. I want 2 Rock-Fos Punch P1S4-8 subs. Good price for the wattage I'm looking for.

I'm not specifically sure on the amp, but I want a small, two channel amp, capable of about 400W RMS, and able to handle both subs and speakers. Or, alternatively, I could have 2 lightweight amps, one for subs, and one for the two speakers.

If there is anything I missed, or left unclear, do let me know. I tend to ramble a lot lol

Thanks in advance for your help! :D
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