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Hello all!

I recently started remodeling my entertainment room/attic and was told you come here to get some solid input and advice. I started searching last night and was blown away by the wealth of info on this site.

I was hoping to get some advice on how to go about my setup. Basically, I'm looking for advice on which speakers to get.

Budget for audio: $400

Room size: 500sqft (angled cielings)

Goals: clear high, deep "enough" lows (not too crazy, people live downstairs).

Uses: Blu-ray movies and PS3 gaming.

I like to listen to movies and games loud. I also DJ, so I'm constantly listening to music and watching music videos. Although, I think I want to make a separate make-shift studio for this on the other side of the room with dedicated studio monitors, so lets leave that out for now.

Now, I can't decide whether to get in-wall speakers all around or stick with wall mounted speakers. Currently, I have 3 Bose cube-directional speakers (I know most people on here don't like them) I would like to use as front and install in-wall speakers for the rear onto the angled cielings (see pics below). I know mixing speakers is a no-no (something about timbre matching) but I figured rears aren't usually as loud as the fronts, since it's just background noise/effects.

I would like in-walls all around since I like the look. What suggestions do you guys have as far as brands?

These are the ones I looked at thus far:

Some crappy pics of what I'm working with as of today :

Any help would be much appreciated!
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