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New Member Who needs some Help!!

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Hello Everyone,

I would greatly appreciate any helpful information you could provide in regards to something I am curious about.

I have a Sony LCD Rear projection TV with a DVI output. I also have a few sources, (set top box, and PS3 etc..) that I hook up using the DVI output. Lately, I have noticed that my HD picture is not as clear as it used to be. I am worried that I may have damaged the output on the TV. My question is, how would you know if it is damaged? It doesnt look damaged physically, and there is no "snow" on screen, it just doesnt look as clear as it used to be. Is there a definitive "symptom" that would occur if in fact my output was damaged, so I can effectively rule that out as a possible reason for lack of clarity in picture lately?

Please Help!!

Thank you
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You'd be better off posting display issues in the display forum.


Just to rule out the DVI input, I'd try hooking your components up via the component input to see if the PQ is the same or if it's just the DVI input having issues. Also check the calibration settings on the DVI input to see if something was inadvertently changed.
Sorry for the stupid question,

But how exactly do you check to see if the calibration settings were changed?

Also, I recently bought (and returned) a mechanical dvi switch because of "sparkles" on input 1. Would it be possible that the switch damaged the tv?

Thanks for your help by the way!!
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