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Looks like lots of good information and opinions on this site so I joined this week as I was researching soundbars.  My wife leaves for Florida this Sunday and I am planning on installing a new Sony 55" TV on the wall.  I will be removing my 20 year old Definitive Technology BP8s and my Denon receiver to make room for a Marantz SR5008, Golden Ears Soundbar and Sub.  The existing TV is a 42" LG.  We currently only listen to the speakers if we are watching a movie or their is a concert on as the remote function does not work anymore on the Denon receiver.  We will have much better sound for watching TV shows and movies and I hoping that the Golden Ears Soundbar plus sub will be some what close in sound quality to the older speakers and amp that I currently have.  The most important part of this upgrade is I will install all the wiring behind the wall which will ultimately make my wife happy!

Will post a review after the project is complete later this week!


I have 
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