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Is the Sony STR-DN1000 the best sounding, and best looking mid-priced receiver out there? That's a question that I can answer with ease after comparing several new mid-priced receivers like the: Onkyo 607, Pioneer 1019,

HK 254, Yamaha 665 and the list goes on. My acquiring one was supposed to be a temporary fix while I wait for the Emotiva UMC-1 (and UPA-7) to arrive in the market. It was supposed to complement my audiophile intended components like my Magneplanar MMGW's and MMGC1 planar speakers, NHT Classic subwoofer, Sony BDP-S350 bluray player, Dish Vip22 HD receiver, Denon 2200 SACD/DVD Audio player. I couldn't wait any longer for a HDMI-switching, lossless audio playing receiver.

Much to my surprise, when I first hooked this baby up right from the box, the sound was rich, smooth, and powerful for under $500!!

Plus it extracted a wonderfully rich midrange and airy highs. The low end dynamics and tight control added to the foray. The soundstage which is the strength of the Maggies made it even larger. Compared to my HK AVR 7300 that it replaced, it has a much more sweeter, smoother sound.

I am so happy with this receiver that I have a dillema when the Emotiva comes, I have to move the Emotiva to the living room. That room has an Onkyo 875 and a full suite of Definitive Bipolar Towers (in other words a fine tuned sytem). Before I decided to buy the Sony, I listened to the Pioneer 1019, Yamaha 765, Denon1609, HK 254, and the Onkyo 607. The Pioneer

sounded good, but sounded bright as soon as you crank it up. The Denon and the Onkyo sounded similar but a little lacking in transparency in the midrange. The HK 254 sounded warm and smooth, but has a lot of ergonomic bugs. I lucked out, as I risked not auditioning the STR-DN1000 because it wasn't released in the market until Aug.28th. Please consider that my review is my own personal opinion. I am just so pleasantly surprised by the performance of the Sony STR-DN1000!
Please see my setup. Attachment 149941
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