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New Mitsu Network HD STB - HD5000

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DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 11, 2003--Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America Inc. today introduced the CE Industry's first HDTV receiver and network controller -- the HD-5000.

The HD-5000 combines the analog receivers signal processing and ease-of-use features from a high-performance television chassis, coupled with an all-format ATSC digital receiver and signal processing chassis, a full FireWire(R) (IEEE 1394)/HAVi networking system, as well as the company's proprietary NetCommand(TM) interface.

"Consumers have long been saddled with home theater components that only connect and communicate in the analog world, with complex connections and even more difficult control," said Max Wasinger, senior vice president of sales and marketing. "Consumers who purchase high-performance flat panel displays and televisions really need a solution that is as simple as point and click."

The company will introduce the HD-5000 in the spring for distribution to its network of high-service retailers with a suggested value price of $1,699. The HD-5000 has two analog tuners, one digital tuner, a full input array for connection to HD and non-HD home theater components, three FireWire(R) connections for AV networking, the Home Audio Video interoperability (HAVi) software system, NetCommand(TM) on-screen icon-based analog and digital control system, and the full functionality of a high-performance television system in a set-top-box design.

"Until today, a consumer who purchased a display or television without an integrated digital receiver was relegated to second-class status, living without the normal controls that sophisticated televisions offer. It's silly to connect an HD display to a low-performance VCR to watch television," said Robert A. Perry, vice president, marketing.

"And consumers who own an expensive front-projector and crave all the features and easy-to-use benefits of an integrated HDTV will love connecting to the HD-5000 to drive their display via component video or DVI with HDCP."
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Finally; a Mits product with DVI/HDCP. I'm VERY glad that, with the HD-5000, there is an upgrade available with both FireWire/5C and DVI/HDCP interfaces for the owners of component (analog only) HD displays. Thanks, Mits. Dick
Sorry, but all licensed HDCP hardware must legally obey the downrez flag.

Want more info on this go to the Key Digital website.

The downrez flag sort of defects the whole purpose of the box unless you really need the NetCommand stuff. Most source boxes that have DVI out will most likely have component out also. I can get digital tuners for less than the $1699.
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