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New Mix Looks Good

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Here is the base coat:

Behr UPW

then 3 Top coats:

Behr Pearlescent white opal 32 oz.

Behr UPW 6 oz.

Minwax Polyacrylic semi-gloss 4 oz.

Blue Pearl Metallic Powder Satin Pearl 4 oz.

I started with acrylic coated Block-Out Cloth and applied the base coat and let it dry for 2 hours. Then applied each top coat every two hours after that. I used a 3/4" nap roller and applied each coat very thick. No roller lines are visible using this method.

Also had the BOC laying on berber carpet when doing the painting/coating.

Just hung the screen on the wall with alot of ambient light and the picture looks great.

This room is a daylight basement with most of the outside wall covered with windows with light coming in until night time.

I tried alot of different grey mixes with the result being reduced screen gain as compared to a white screen. I will post screen images tonight with various lighting differences.
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Nicely done! Your screen looks really good. How small are the mica flakes in the Blue Pearl powder? I was going to use them but found a local Cdn supplier for the Pearl Ex powders. The Micropearl powder is as fine as baby powder and minimizes the sparkle effect. Don't give up on gray. I am mixing in a bit of silver powder to provide better ambient light viewing capabilities without a loss in gain.
I really have no idea what size the mica flakes are for the Blue Pearl Metallic Powder Satin Pearl. All I can tell you is that its a very fine powder that plumes up when opening the container.

As for my attempts at making a grey screen, all i did is add Behr Metallic silver to my mix above. It looked good, but muted the gain. Maybe I'll try just adding some silver powder instead like your doing.

Going to take some pictures today with some ambient light to show the difference between coated BOC and uncoated. I want sunlight ambient light and not lights turned on in the room ambient light.
Very nice work fisher! I like the fact that you did it with BOC and came out with a beautiful projected image with brightness and a little pop in color. Well DONE!
Thanks guys, I've tried about 6 different screens before I came up with this version. I'm going to try adding silver powder and pearl powder to make a slightly grey version of the same screen. Will post the results when the silver powder comes in.

The current screen looks good with some ambient ambient light, just need to take some pictures. Going to mount this fabric on my wood frame I made from 1.5" stretcher strips.

I'm also going to try using Minwax polyacrylic gloss instead of semi-gloss.
Here are some pictures of "LOST" with a ton of ambient light (North Carolina Sun at noon) coming through my daylight basement wall that is about 40% windows.




can you post some more info about your setup?


screen size?

table mounted or ceiling mounted?

you definitely have increased the image brightness. i don't think you left the piece of BOC in the shots that you did in ambient lighting but i suspect that you have also improved perceived contrast. good job.
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Projector: panasonic pt-ae900u (Normal setting)

Screen Size: 100" +/- 3"

Setting on a 8' ladder paint tray - so sort of table mounted, but 7' high.

I did remove the BOC, sorry about that. I will put it back tomorrow and take more pictures.
rfisher1968, you won't require alot of silver powder in the mix. I like using the silver powder instead of silver paints because a little goes a long way. I have been using about 1-2% of the total mix volume in my experiments. Seems to be a nice balance between, gain and black level. IMO, the powder method is the way to go. You can control just about everything with this method. I'd like to know how the gloss Minwax experiments look. It may hotspot. But you won't know until you try. Good luck!
Good to know. The silver powder should be here tomorrow.
Yeah, I 've been around for awhile and this is my 1st post. Don't bust my chops people. If I thought I had something worthwhile to contribute I would.


Nice job! :) I hope you don't mind some newbie questions:

Where can i get these paints? Local paint shop or HD I assume?

You mention the BOC was lying on the carpet. I'm assuming you painted it after you stretched it on the frame?


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All paints are from HD. The powders are from metallicmart.com.

I got my BOC and pulled it tight and masking taped it to the berber carpet. Then started my painting as noted in the first post. With my BOC you must keep the masking tape in place and let it dry. I noticed that the paint mixture shrunk as it dried. Then I temporary pinned it to the wall so see if it was what I was looking for. Once I finally decide on what I want, I will then staple the screen to my 1.5" stretcher strip flat black painted frame I made. It measures to about 92" diagonal.
The Behr UPW that you use ,is it gloss,semi gloss or flat ?
The UPW is interior flat
Here is the base coat:

Behr UPW

then 2 Top coats:

Behr Pearlescent white opal 32 oz.

Behr UPW 6 oz.

Minwax Polyacrylic gloss 6 oz.

Blue Pearl Metallic Powder Satin Pearl 4 oz.

Blue Pearl Silver Pearl Pearlescent powder 4 oz.

Looks really good and no hot spotting. I will take pictures once the noon-time sun is here. Ambient light rejection i think has increased alot. Since I didn't use metallic silver this screen is not grey.
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More ambient light pictures with new screen mix. The center is the new mix, left is uncoated BOC, right is coated BOC gray screen.

A little section on the uncoated BOC is a test.



I like the middle one. Any hotspots?

No hotspots at all. Just make sure you mix the powder in good to get a nice even distribution.
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