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Originally Posted by wonka1 /forum/post/16991523

It looks as though mk have re-released the mx 350 with a bashamplifier and is THX ultra 2 pending. As anyone heard one as I would be interested to hear your views.

The BASH amp wouldn't make a difference in the output or sound quality, but the real issue with this is that M&K has been struggling for about 3 years to re-emerge as more than a fringe player is today's market.

Not sure, but they may be headquartered in China now. I think they are really having a hard time.

The new MX350 strikes me as light in weight at 82 pounds with 2 12 inch drivers built in. There are so many high performance subs these days, I suspect M&K is going to continue to have a hard time both with its subs and speakers.

I hope I am wrong about M&K.
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