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I apologize for the very basic questions but multi room audio is fairly new to me. I have been reading a bunch online and I am trying to make sure that I understand everything correctly.

I currently have a receiver with a Zone 2 (just speakers 6 and 7 from Zone 1). I then have speaker wires running from this location to multiple rooms in the house and outside. Some rooms have mono speakers and some rooms have dual speakers (two cables coming back).

I would like to use Zone 2 and run speakers in the other rooms. I believe I need a speaker selector for this. I think I am ok with a single source speaker selector. I am also thinking that I might need an amplifier of some sort in order to power all the speakers on the selector. Is this correct?

I would like to be able to control the speaker selector from a remote control and ideally a cell phone app (iPhone).

Can anyone help me understand the equipment that I need and make any suggestions for brands / models?


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That will work fine. I have one of these. Basically your zone 2 left and right wire into the input for left and right. Then you get 4 left and right outputs. If I could do it all over again I would have bought one with a remote control though. Mine is tucked away in a closet and its a pain to change it manually, but I can deal with it.
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