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New Multiroom A/V Remodel...comments/suggestions

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Like many newbies on the board what started a simple project to hang my Panasonic TH-42px500u has turned into a complete multiroom remodel.

I have decided to add a 5.1 system in my living room and since I am running other wires up to the top of my house (through the master bedroom to the roof deck) I am also going to add a pair of speakers to the master bedroom and some outdoor speakers on my roofdeck.

I am looking for speaker suggestions, Originally looked at Paradigm, Speakercraft, Triad and Tru Audio. I am looking to not spend more than $5,000 ideally less than that and my main concern is the 5.1 system in the living room the bedroom and outdoor area are secondary and I am looking for enough sound in the master to listen to some music and enough on the roofdeck to be loud enough for parties, etc.

Living Room (5.1 surround)

Living room will be used 60/40 for movies/music, room is 15x16 with 8' ceilings.

The face of the wall that the TV and Speakers will be on is only 6' long and the TV is 45" wide so the size of the speakers will be pretty important, I have at least 6" of depth to work with in the wall.

-LCR speakers will be in-walls


a) Paradigm, SA-30 ($700/pair)

b) Triad, In-wall Bronze/4 LCR ($600/each)

c) Truaudio, HT-66a ($700/pair)

d) Speakercraft, LCR AIM3 ($749/pair)

-2 rear surrounds will be in-ceiling


a) Speakercraft, AIM8 3s ($588/pair, AIM8-2s $439/pair)

b) Paradigm, AMS-300 ($469/pair)

c) Truaudio, Rev-Sur1

Master bedroom (music only) - room is about 15x13

-two in-ceiling or two in-walls


a) Speakercraft, AIM8 3s ($588/pair, AIM8-2s $439/pair)

b) Truaudio, Rev-LCR1 or HT-55a

Outdoor (music/tv only) - 20 x 20 roof terrace


a) Niles OS 6.3 ($275/pair)

b) Boston Acoustics Voyager 4 ($400/pair)
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I cut down my post...

basically I would like to do the LCR speakers with Triad's but don't know if it is worth it if I put a different brand speaker on the rears, I know I don't want to pay the extra $$s for Triads in the rear.

Also any comments on Speakercraft vs. Tru Audio vs. Paradigm, the product and price range all seem very comparable. I think it is my best bet if I don't go with triads for the LCR speakers to have all five speakers with the same manufacturer (ie timbre matching). I think I am leaning towards tru audio currently.

The various suppliers I have spoken too all say bad things about competing products which I think is poor taste and makes them less trustworthy.
My guess is that you would not be disappointed with any of your choices. I have Speakercraft Aim8 ones, and I am very happy with them. I was looking at threes but decided it was not worth the extra $$ after hearing/comparing them against each other (I endup paying $280/ pr for the ones). However, if I had lots of coin just hanging around with nothing to spend it on, I probably would have got the threes.

Also, if I were you I would not mix and match fronts and surrounds. While it may be okay for Dolby Digital, it may sound a little mis-matched listening to music or non-5.1 TV in "5-channel stereo" (I listen all non-DD in 5-ch stereo, as I am not a big fan of Pro Logic).

This is just my opinion. The other speakers you listed are likely very good, too.
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