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New! MVP Box Skin Theme Replacement Versions

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Pre-production view


Here is something I've just made today for those who like to the blue look! Enjoy!

Direct Download v1.00 here:
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Next release is being worked on as I type this out now. This will now allow you to have 9 lines of listings of your Videos, Music, Radio and Settings Mods on the same page instead of current 6 lines. Also fixed the fonts to show more info of what you have for your media. Now in Pictures Mod you'll have 12 thumbnails instead of 6 and the font is being fix for that also.

I hope to implement these new features in all the skins I've released so far..

Also I was trying to get a Weather Mod to work which would show your local forecast for your area with graphics, well that failed to function and the mod did display after you press number 1 on the remote. I did get the local weather Radar Map Mod to work great when you press number 0 on the remote, and press number 3 and get Web Cam Mod of Eastenders Web Cam of Albert's Square, but then the Radio Mod won't function.

Oh well I did try..

If I worked on it some more I'll figure it out.. Next release should be on 6/18/08 my time..
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