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So on my recent vacation i visited a friend who i had sold my old projector too, and he introduced me to myth in person ... and all i can say is ... THAT BASTARD ! Cause now i'm hooked ! I recently setup a full myth system at home ... it took me a few day's but i thought i'd detail it out for those contemplating the leap ...

Backend 2.4ghz p4 1g Ram 3 x 200G IDE HDD's Raid5 (Running KnopMyth rc5)

- 1 PVR150

- 2 air2pc (Now in and working GREAT)

- Just purchased 4 x 300G Sata Drives, looking for a motherboard i like, going core duo.


#1 Main frontend Connected to PJ.

Athlon 64 3500+ (single core
) 2g ram, PCI-X Geforce 6700, 300g sata HDD, SBLive w/ Digital Card, DL DVD Burner.

-Running KnopMyth rc5

- 1:1 pixel map modeline for Infocus IN72 Projector.

- SPF Passthrough

#2 Wifes Computer (Mac OSX 10.4.8) (Updated)

1.86ghz Core Duo Imac.

-Running Custom build from:

#3 Bedroom PC

Athlon 2100+, 512m ram, AGP Geforce 5700FX Ultra, Running Diskless ...

-Knopmyth rc5

#4 Macbook Pro (OSX 10.4.8)

2ghz Core Duo, 1g ram, ATI x1600 256m, 120g HDD

-Running client from:

#5 Coming Soon - Kids room box ... (Will be knopmyth rc5)

1ghz duron, 512m ram, diskless, need a decent vid card, and another LCD


After 2 weeks, i'm getting into it quite a bit ... and the major thing i've noted is the CPU horsepower required for commercial flagging. I have been watching my shows a day late to allow for the commercial flagging to complete on all my shows before i go to watch them. It's raw CPU for the logo detection and the analasys. And all i can say for those venturing into HD PVR. HD streams are HUGE .... I though 600G would cover me, but i can easily record 40G / day. I wanted to be able to keep 1 season of my favorite shows, but it doesn't look like i'll be able.

Thanks to all that have posted this is by far the best addition to my theatre !
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