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New Outlaw 950 Newsletter

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Anyone else gotten the new Outlaw E-mail about the 950? It looks really encouraging.
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Please cut and paste the info here..

I've been waiting for this pre/pro forever!!

-- Cain
Uh sorry guys,

That is past my capability. If someone will give me explicit instructions on how, I can do it right away.
If you post e mail addresses, I'll forward it to anyone who wants to read it. It also contains the Beta testing info which they just opened.
here is the email:

Dear Jeff,

As is the case with many businesses, the Outlaws are scrambling to keep up

with the dramatic changes occurring in the world since September 11th, and

in particular the impact that those events have had on the national

economy. In addition, there is the constantly changing pace of technology

to deal with, not to mention the fact that the competition is doing

anything but standing still. Despite all the turmoil and uncertainty we

remain confident about the future.

With that in mind, you may have noted a departure from our usual practice

of all-inclusive "Newsletters" on a "kinda sorta monthly" basis. Rather

than wait and group things together for longer tomes it seems more

appropriate at this time to bring you the news when it happens in single

topic updates. You should have received one recently to inform you that the

ICBM is now available and shipping.

This time around we have a significant amount of news about the Model 950

that we felt could not wait until the end of the month. Thus, place your

tray tables in the locked and upright position, stow your carry-on bags in

the compartment above your seat and fasten your seat belt because we're

almost ready for take off!

Latest News From The Outlaws: Special Model 950 Edition

We're very aware of the fact that the forthcoming Model 950 has been the

subject of many hot discussions since we first announced it earlier this

year. Some of you saw a very early sample at the HiFi Show in New York, and

our most recent sample missed the Home Theater Forum gathering in LA by

three days. At this point we can report that things are moving rapidly

towards the completion of the project and our goal is to be able to deliver

it to you by Thanksgiving.

Before the naysayers have at it, we'll face the music up front with a

caveat or two. Things DO look good for the late November delivery date, but

it is always possible that problems with agency or licensing

certifications, supplier problems, software code delays or other unforeseen

issues might interfere. And, when it comes to the final testing, we will

not ship the product until it sounds right and works the way we - and you -


The bottom line: Can we absolutely, 100% guarantee a ship date? No. Will we

do our absolute best to ship for Thanksgiving? You betcha! Will we slip the

date if needed to make certain that the product is 100% perfect? Did you

even need to ask?

OK, you might (and will) ask, if they are that far along, where's the beta

test? The answer is that at the end of this Newsletter you will find the

instructions for sending in your beta test application. Although the

hardware is mostly put to bed, our main interest is to exercise the unit's

software through the beta so that any major issues can be resolved before

shipment by changing the software. Sorry, that's all you get here. Read on

and you'll get the details later.


We've made mention of the unit's specs and features before, and we are

finally able to take the wraps off some of the things we have kept to

ourselves until now. In addition to answering many of the questions we've

seen in the various Internet discussion groups, the following should

provide answers to many of the individual questions addressed to us via


To start, here some information announced today for the first time:

-The Model 950 will be the first surround sound product to feature Cirrus's

new "Triple Crossover" capability. Developed specifically for us by the

software team at Cirrus (formerly Crystal Semiconductor) in conjunction

with the Outlaw team, this will give you the ability to individually set

the crossover point for the speakers in three groupings: Front Left/Right,

Center, and Surround/Surround Back. Within each of these speaker groups you

may choose a crossover point for the bass management at 40 Hz, 60Hz, 80Hz,

100Hz, 120 Hz or 150Hz. This is one of the most requested features for the

Model 950, and we are please to be among the very few products at ANY price

that offer this type of bass management flexibility.

-While the Triple Crossover takes care of sources that are routed through

the digital decoding and processing, we are very aware of the need to

provide bass management for the "5.1 Direct" input that will be used for

external sources such as DVD-Audio or SACD. While it would have been nice

to include the comprehensive bass management capabilities of the ICBM

within the 950, the cost and complexity of doing that would not be possible

within the pricing target set for the 950. However, in order to provide

some way to control bass with direct inputs, we have included an 80Hz

filter on the direct input. This covers most speaker systems a 950 user is

likely to have. For those who require the more precise settings possible

with the ICBM we will most likely offer a special package price for the 950

and the ICBM.

-Speaking of analog inputs, we realize that there are still many audio

enthusiasts who have significant analog libraries. To accommodate high-end

analog sources where you do not wish to have the signal run through the A/D

- DSP -D/A path so that the analog input is never digitized, we are pleased

to announce that all analog inputs may be chosen as a "bypass". In that

mode all A/D and D/A conversion is bypassed, and the analog source goes

straight through to the volume control. You can do this on not one input,

not two inputs, but on EVERY L/R analog input. Again, we can't think of ANY

product out there that does that.

-Of course, for home theater applications, digital decoding and processing

is essential, and the Model 950 will have it all. As previously announced,

it will have the full suite of Dolby and DTS modes, including Dolby

Digital, Dolby ProLogic II, DTS 5.1, DTS-ES Discrete and Matrix and DTS

Neo:6. IN addition, we will be among the very first, if not THE first

surround processors to offer Cirrus Extra Surround. This process will

enable you to listen to ANY digital or analog input source in 5.1, 6.1

(added center back surround) or 7.1 (decoded mono rear surround back

channel, fed to two outputs, each at -3dB), depending on your speaker

configuration. Extra Surround may be set to automatically switch to a

surround mode that takes advantage of 6.1 encoding when a flag is present,

or you may select it manually. We will have the absolute latest code for

this exciting mode, and expect it to be the favorite for many listeners.

The Model 950 will be the first component "separate" processor/tuner/preamp

to offer Cirrus Extra Surround.

-Elsewhere on the surround sound front, we will be among the very few

processors to offer the COMPLETE range of adjustments for Dolby ProLogic

II. You will not only be able to select from three DPL modes (Movies, Music

and standard ProLogic), you will also be able to turn the Panorama on and

off, but there are also separate settings for Dimension and Center Width so

that you may adjust the mode tailoring specifically to your taste and the

specific acoustics of your room and the influence of speaker placement. We

asked our engineers to give us EVERY possible DPL adjustment, and they


-The Model 950 is equipped with a complete separate multi-zone system. You

may select a separate source for the second zone, and adjust the volume in

the second zone through the use of an IR sensor in the zone. We've even

provided a separate trigger jack that works in concert with the multizone

system so you're your remote room amps will only turn on when they are


-Yes, of course the remote has direct access to all input sources and easy

selection of surround modes.

-Other "neat stuff" includes a special equalization circuit for use with

movie sound tracks, an easy to read two-line display for system messages,

easy to understand on-screen menus, HDTV compatible component video

switching, a removable power cord, and one or two more things we might fit

in before shipment.

-The unit is designed with the capability for software upgrades through

replacement of an E-PROM chip. We have included that as a something that

might, or might not be used in the future. No guarantee that there will be

any upgrades, as we can't foresee the future. In addition, there are

certain things on the horizon that would require a basic architecture

change and a replacement of the main DSP processor. When you get to that

point, the upgrade is more than can be accommodated through software only


-At this point we do not have final pricing or information about the

"family discounts". However, we are committed to an introductory price of

$899 that we expect to maintain for at least the first three months of

availability. Pricing beyond that point is subject to change without


-The Model 950 will be available with a 230-volt power supply for worldwide

use. All units will have the ability to display the on-screen menus in

either NTSC or PAL video formats. However, the 230-volt model may not be

available until late December.

Beyond this new information, the basics remain as previously announced:

-Seven A/V inputs, all with S-Video

-Dedicated "audio only" inputs for CD and Tape

-Four optical inputs and two coaxial inputs for digital sources

-Coaxial and optical digital outputs

-An FM Stereo/FM/AM tuner with 30 presets

-Discrete Power On/Power Off Controls for ease of use with programmable

remote controls or in complex integrated theater systems.

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the rest of the email:

There are some things we can't release at this point, and those are the

system specs. As you read this the final spin on the unit's motherboard is

being made on the pilot manufacturing line. The specs for the alpha units

were well beyond our expectations, and are comparable to units double the

950's price. We fully expect that the boards now being made for the beta

units will be even better, so we'll wait for that before releasing things

such as S/N, channel separation and so forth.

Oops, did we mention the BETA TEST?

OK, at this point we've probably tempted you enough, so here are the ground

rules and the instructions for putting in your application:

1. To apply for the beta test, please send an e-mail with the following

information to the following address: [email protected] . Note that

any applications sent to any other address will be rejected and the

submitting e-mail address will be disqualified from consideration for a

place in the test. This is essential to avoid clogging our sales and

service desks with mail connected to the beta test.

-Your name, physical address, daytime phone, evening phone and e-mail


-The following information about your audio system:

Brand/model of speakers at all positions

The brand and model of your power amplifier(s)

-The following information about your video display system:

Type of display: Front projector, rear projector, direct view CRT

set or plasma display

Is the display analog or "digital ready"?

-The following information about your source equipment:

We presume everyone applying has a DVD player, but let us know

if you have a unit with DVD-A or SACD capability

Let us know if the DVD player has progressive scan outputs

Are you using any "analog only" sources such as a phono preamp

or tape?

Do you use cable, satellite or off-air for television reception?

If digital cable or satellite, is the audio connection analog or


Do you have an HDTV set-top?

2. All applications must be received by us no later than 7AM Eastern

Standard Time on Monday, October 29, 2001.

3. We will select five test participants and notify them by phone and/or

e-mail during the week of the 29th.





5. For those accepted a testers, you will be required to install the unit,

use it with a variety of sources, and provide us with written reports on

certain key aspects of the product. We may ask you to test specific aspects

of the unit's performance, and we'd like to be able to talk to you at night

to discuss and problems you encounter. If that will cause problems for you

with other family members, please keep that in mind before sending in an

application. We may also ask you to open the unit and replace the software

e-prom, so some minor mechanical and technical ability is helpful. Brain

surgery or rocket science not required, but nimble fingers will be helpful.

6. Participation in the beta test will require that you sign an agreement

acknowledging the basic conditions. Foremost among those is a

confidentiality clause that will bind you to keep your participation in the

test and the results you encounter during the test confidential during the

test period. Of course, you will be free to discuss your experiences after

the test is over and we release you from the confidentiality clause.

However, any public discussion of the test DURING THE TEST PHASE will

result in your immediate dismissal from the test and possible legal action.

We're REALLY serious about this.

7. As a token of our appreciation for your help, all participants will be

offered the opportunity to purchase their unit at the conclusion of the

test for 50% of the "family" price. If you do not wish to purchase the

unit, we'll pay the freight for you to return it to us.

8. This is NOT a contest, and we reserve the right to change the conditions

of the test to accommodate our needs and requirements, given advance notice

to the testers.

It looks as though we've said enough for now, so take some time to review

the information above, and send in your beta application if you are

interested. We expect to have the next edition of our regular Newsletter to

you in early November, and at that time we'll provide updates on our other

product plans. However, before we leave, a few brief, final notes:

-The first shipments of our analog and digital interconnect cables are

scheduled to be loaded on a 747 this week. We'll send out a notice to you

when they are in stock and available for shipment.

-Work continues on schedule for the Model 770 Amplifier. More news in


-The ICBM is not in stock for immediate shipment. Look for David Ranada's

review in the current issue of Sound & Vision.

-The Model 750 and Model 1050 continue to be available in stock as the best

values in home theater audio today.

That's all for now. Don't forget to leave the home theater room

occasionally to enjoy the fall foliage!

Best wishes from the Outlaws!
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I know I'm trying to devine the future here from reading preliminary specs, but does anyone know if the "tailoring" described in the 950 spec allow one to "solve" the lip-sync delays that are evident in combination with various video processors (ie. some of the plasma screens)?


Did this article fail to mention the WATTS PER CHANNEL? or did I not read close enough.
It's a preamp = no watts per channel.
thanks for the clarification, I just read the newsletter from the outlawaudio.com website.

Does anybody have any of the Outlaw components here, namely the amp, or the 1050 that they care to provide insight into, namely any problems?

I am in interested future Outlaw owner.


this is a "pre"amp. I guess most people who're dying for this thing assumed everyone knew that already and didn't add it in their comments.

A 'preamp' (for any random newbie who's wondering about this) gets connected to an amp by sending out a low level signal.

The amp then just 'boosts the signal' (called 'gain') and it's amount of 'boostability' (that's the technical term -heh) would then be rated for Watts per Channel.


The 950 preamp video-wise should just pass through/switch video signals. The main feature there is that it's supose to pass through a full HD signal without degrading it (which is a GREAT feature in itself). It won't process or fix anything in your video chain though.

A Lipsync prob due to a bad processor is just a prob with the processor. I know of no way to 'fix' this prob other than to buy a processor that works correctly, which I think would be most people's first step anyway rather than leaving the bad processor and buying something else to fix it.

Try asking in the vid processor forum about it, and add some specific details. People can't help if your question's too general.
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"A Lipsync prob due to a bad processor is just a prob with the processor. I know of no way to 'fix' this prob other than to buy a processor that works correctly, which I think would be most people's first step anyway rather than leaving the bad processor and buying something else to fix it. "

I think he was talking about an A/V sync feature.

The lipsync problem occurs if you use some video processing equipment like a line double or such. It delays the video by a certain amount as it passes through the unit. Usually something like 30ms.

The audio isn't delayed... just the video So the picture and the sound can get a little out of sync.

Some surround sound processors have a feature which lets you set an adjustable delay which applies to all the channels to correct for this. This is not the speaker time alignment delay... but a total delay on top of that.

This lets you re-sync your audio with your video.

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>>Some surround sound processors have a feature which lets you set an adjustable delay which applies to all the channels to correct for this. This is not the speaker time alignment delay... but a total delay on top of that.
Well, this Outlaw 950 sound just about perfect.... BUT!!!... I wonder if it sound as good as it looks on paper?

That will be the true test. If it does, I may get one for my bedroom system. :D

I am actually still struggling trying to make a decision between the Integra Research RDC-7 and the Anthem AVM-20 and now comes this 950 update. Choices choices choices. Any opinions will be appreciated.
The AVM 20 has an all channel delay to deal with the sync problem. I can't derermine from the specs whether the Outlaw has this or not.
for $899, Outlaw can't give you everything in the 950, i would say they have outdone themselves already.

The 950 will sound good but will it be able to compete with it's high end counterparts remains to be seen...We'll find out shortly:)
I will be waiting for that battle.
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