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I landed on the LG 60PS60 at Fry's locally. I tried to talk myself into a 60" Kuro panel/monitor from Pioneer, but needed a stand ($350) (no need for the speaker/s) for the Pioneer , could not really talk myself into paying another 2k. I looked at the Panny 58" (860) and the Panasonics as well (nearly bought a few of these). I initially was heading back down the LCD panel path (LED) and 240hz, but those are largely confined to 55" sets. I have a bit more room to work with and really wanted to maximize the display for this built-in nook in the family room. A 60" panel is the largest I could fit, so that really put me into the 58" and 60" displays. Landed on the LG.

I will advise....

So now we have:

LG 60PS60

Pioneer SC-05

Polk Audio LIS-C

Polk Audio LC65i*4

Pioneer BDP 320

HD DirecTV

Ultralink PGX-300 Conditioner

Philips 52" 1080P 60hz LCD - has been pushed to bedroom duty.
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