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New Panny 42PD50U

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I'm holding out on purchasing a plasma 42ED since the new Panny will be coming out soon. However, I recently spoke to an electronics guy (who seemed to know his stuff) and when I mentioned that I heard the new Panny could be cheaper, he said he had a pessimistic view. He feels that in order to achieve the greater grey scale they're promising in order to provide better contrast, Panasonic might be "masking" the overall screen with a darker tone. This could potentially bring the overall picture quality down but allow them to keep the price lower, especially with the new features they're adding.

He also mentioned that they moved production from Japan to Mexico which he doesn't like (even though it's all pretty much automated anyway). He conceded that the move to Mexico could be what's allowing them to keep the price down as well.

Has anyone heard anything about this? Also, any additional news on a release date or rumored price?

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Next month . . . sometime . . . for this model.
Just wait, it should be in the B&M stores soon and then you can judge for yourself.
yeah i am holding out for the newer one too, things always get cheaper to stay competitive. i wouldnt worry too much about it anyway, the last batch of the current 42pd25u is being made in mexico and i havent heard much about quality issues. the thing i need to know about the newer model is deminsions, how wide and how tall is it going to be? does anyone know also is the newer ed model going to have the newer 8th gen glass like the higher end models? cause i heard something that they might be using 7th gen glass from the industurial models for the newer ed pannys...
I love my 42pd25 . I bought it 3 weeks ago. BTW, it was made in Japan.
The 42PD25 that got delivered this week was also made in Japan, December 2004. So far so good.
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