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Hi all,

Here are the latest photos of my entertainment area.

We added the base yesterday. The base "had" a full back to it with 2 "2 inch" diameter holes, one at either end more or less, for all the cabling lol...and they call it an entertainment base. Fortunately the backing was screwed to the piece and easily removed. It was not needed for support so off it went to the island of useless "stuff". The piece itself is great looking and really adds to the room. There is plenty of room for my gear now and in the future. I am not thrilled with the glass doors though as the frames shrink the opening for easy remote control use. Aiming the remote needs a bit more precision lol. Perhaps some sort of "rf" remote will be in the future.

I am pleased with the tv and speaker placement. Watching tv is more comfortable with the eyes being directed straight on with a tiny bit of up tilt. The speakers seem to work very well too but I am going to run the YPAO again and tweak it a bit more.

I have placed the surrounds back to their original positions, behind the couch. They sound much better. Thanks to all that helped with advice regarding moving them to the back wall. It just did not work at all.


First phase system:

Second phase: replace the tv and using the coffee table for a stand...

Third and final phase...for now lol: New stand 26" tall. Speakers back to the vertical. Center channel back on top and angled down. Replacing the cc170 center with a cc290 in the next 2 weeks when it comes in.
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