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Hi, I just purchased the Pioneer DVD-575A-S (aka DV-676A-S in Asia) and I can't find any info or reviews on this in US websites.

It was reviewed in What Hi-Fi last month as a 5-star and Best Buy award product. Also, I've read that it was also a Best Buy awardee in the November 2004 issue of Home Cinama Choice.


Video Features

108MHz/12-bit D/A converter

Dual PureCinema Progressive Scan (PAL/NTSC)


DivX®** playback

Video Adjust function with Sharpness/Brightness/Contrast/Gamma/Hue/Chroma Level control and Block Noise Reduction

PhotoViewer (JPEG playback***)

PAL/NTSC Dual System with PAL-NTSC video converter

Audio Features

DVD Audio compatible with multi-channel (5.1-channel) output

192kHz/24-bit audio D/A converter (6 channels)

SACD compatible with multi-channel output

WMA/MP3 playback

Dialog Enhancer

Virtual Surround


New Advanced GUI (Graphical User Interface)

Resume function

Low power consumption (0.12W during Standby Mode)

* DVD-RW (Video Mode, Video Recording Mode, CPRM)

**DivX is a trademark of DivX Networks, Inc.

***Fujicolor CDs and Kodak picture CDs can be played back.

Here is a link to the product page:

DV-575A-S information

And it looks like this:


I'm very happy with the player but I haven't scrutinized it yet. So far, picture quality is VERY, VERY good. I would like to know if there are existing issues about this player so I could still return it within the week.

So far, the only issue I've read in some UK forums is that when playing DivX files, it does not have Subtitles.

Any other info will be much appreciated.

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The correspondent model in US is DV-578a. Do a search on the model number and you will see tons of threads. One of the video problem I know of is unable to pass blacker-than-black.
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