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Morning All,

I recently got a great deal ($159) on a set of Polk Audio OWM3's. I will use these as my rear surround speakers. My Current setup is this:

Rec: Onkyo TX-SR703

TV: Sony KDL-46W3000 46" LCD


Polk Monitor 50's Fronts

Polk Csi-A6 Center

Polk PSW111 Sub

Polk OWM3-s Surrond Rears

My question is this... Mounting of the OWM3's

My setup in my townhouse is not optimal for speaker placement.(See Attached Word Doc.) So do I go through the headache of mounting these speakers such that they face downward behind my couch?

Which if done correctly would involve install the wires into the walls behind the couch and putting speaker terminal plates at the bottom and most likely the top (or do I just put a small hole)???

Any Advice is appreciated.. I am only going to be living here another 2-3 years at best..


CraZySteve AV Setup.doc 32.5k . file


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