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folks....hope there are people here with PIO PDP-xx70 and xx80 series plasmas (2006, 2007 era)

i have a new CABLECARD (s) "hard to diagnose" issue....

for over 10 i have had 2 PIOs one xx60 and the other xx70 , both with cablecards, in morris nj, (optimum) territory.

all these years, they worked flawlessly and gave me immense viewing pleasure.

last wed, i lost audio on all cable HD channels like YES, CNN, ESPN ON BOTH TVs, still getting great pic. audio is fine on basic HD channels (CBS, NBS ...) as well as on SD version of any of the cable channels.

i do have a dvr also, NO issues with audio or video when watching thru dvr.

cablevision came and replaced both cablecards but it made NO difference...same problem continues, and basically they gave up, suggesting i should get an STB for the second tv (i already have one dvr)

SO....any thoughts or suggestions?

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