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New product review - F-Conn radial crimp rca's

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[disclaimer]First let me say i tried posting this in the reviews section but i was not allowed to post in that section.[/disclaimer]

I was replenishing my supply of F-rca adaptors when i came across a new connector from F-Conn industries which eliminates the need for the adaptors. It's an rca that crimps onto rg-59 using a cable pro rtc-360 radial compression tool.

I must say, these connectors are a godsend.....eliminating the need for adaptors to run 1080i component video.

Anyone who is familiar with the rtc-360 radial crimp tool knows it's the best quality crimp you can get with an F connector, and now you can get that same quality in an rca connector.

Simply awesome, and they are a fraction of the price of "snap-n-seal" connctors and take up less space.

My uses for the lcct compression tool are now limited to right angle and quickport type connections

I highly recomend using these new rca fittings over the expensive snap-n-seal units

Heres a couple pics..........

I used up all the samples they sent me playing around, tomorrow i'll be ordering a couple hundred of these.

EDIT, one last thing, these connectors hold onto the mating rca lug tightly, no need to bend the 4 tabs to get a tight connection like a lot of f-rca adaptors
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