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What started as a desire to update my home entertainment surround sound center has turned into the great idea of doing so while incorporating a studio. I have already bought good speakers and am currently sound proofing the room. Now I need a receiver that will mastermind all of my needs. I am looking for a receiver that will consister of/be capable of the following: Multiple HDMI inputs (atleast 5 would be nice), laptop friendly, VGA input, to be able to display whats on my laptop onto my tv, to be able to have my laptop audio stream out to my surround sound, 7.2 ch. (was told by audio tech would work well with my tower speakers but found out I could just get a Y adapter, currently unsure what to do - please help)1080p upconversion. Ipod ready would be cool but not important.

I believe for the laptop I would need either a USB connection or VGA input. I was told by audio tech that the hard wire VGA input would give best results and definitely stay away wireless as of todays technology with a reasonable price.

I am unsure as to how universal laptops and televisions features are but I am most likely going to get a mac book for this set up as I've heard that they are very good with music programs and less prone to get a virus. As for a T.V. as long as it supports 1080p I should be good to go, right? The plan is to just find one that is capable of 1080p. I'm not too pickey when it comes to t.v.'s (I have been looking at the pioneer elite but am open to suggestions)

For speakers I went with boston Acoustics. Here is what I have so far:

Two floor standing tower speakers: VR965 --

As you can see there is a powered subwoofer with in the speaker itself. For this reason the audio tech suggest I get a receiver that is a 7.2 ch. I did a little research and found that I can just get a 7.1 receiver and use a Y-adapter. However, I am curious about the benefits of each and if one benefits more than the toher. Would the 7.2 receiver have more realistic power over the adapter?

One Center Channel: VR910 --

Two Surround Sounds: VRS - -

(bostonacoustics.com did not have the specs for it but this link foes have info on the speakers)

Given the information and my intentions. It was recomended by the audio tech that I go with an Onkyo TX-SR608 receiver.

Again, I did a little research and found these receiver may work:

1. Integra DTR-30.2

2. Denon AVR3311CI

3. Yamaha RX-V667

I would love and appreciate any help and suggestions. I'm pretty lost as to what to buy and dont want to make a $1,000 mistake. I almost bought the Pioneer vsx-1020-k and although a good receiver, it doesnt fit for what I need. I'm sure I will be asked what my budget is and really I just want the best of the best. I'm going to be doing alot of this with this equipment and want it to sound as best as it possibly can. I am trying to keep the reciver price under $1,000.(although the denon receiver may be worth the extra bones) Thanks in advance.

P.s. Tried getting links for you guys to make it easy to help but will not let me post links.

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Originally Posted by dylancreighton /forum/post/19516307

I am trying to keep the reciver price under $1,000.

You can get an excellent AVR for half that amount.
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